Committees and Representatives

The Washington Association of Career and Technical Administrators functions through the dedication of its members. Each committee has a state chairperson in addition to a representative from each area/region. It is the commitment of each of you that provides the opportunity for growth and learning for everyone involved in WACTA. 

To learn more about the committees, see updates on what the committees are working on, and to engage with committee representatives, click on the committee titles below. 

 Area/ Region Area Group LeaderAwards Committee  Inservice Committee Internship CommitteeLegislative Committee  Scholarship         CommitteeMarketing Committee
State RepresentativeKari Duffy         Kevin SmithSly Boskovich Susan Dixon Wes Allen Michelle Ledbetter Donneta Oremus
Great Northwest  Sara Hatfield Sean Eaton   Shani WatkinsGreg KilpatrickSara HatfieldCindy Crumb Linda Hupka 
 KCVA Karen Hay

Lori Paxton
 Kevin Smith Royce BadleyKathi MiddledaufChance Gower Lesha Engels 
 North Central Dennis Conger

 Northeastern Doug Edmonson

 NorthernDonneta Oremus

Ray Cone
 Amie Verellen Grubbs Maggie Bagwell Deb Koenig Wes Allen Brian Day Donneta Oremus
 PierceErin O'Neill 

 Southeastern/ South Central Bonnie Smith

Claudia Cooley
 Becky Bare Bonnie Smith Claudia Cooley

Laura Jones
 Craig Dwight

Will Sarett
 Tricia Anderson Chris Nesmith
 SouthwestKim Berhow 

 Western Brad HooperPat Cusack Lynn Green Christi Kershaw Brad Hooper Pat CusackTeri Pablo