To provide leadership to enhance and support Career and Technical Education in communities and schools

WACTA Belief Statements 
  • WACTA's primary interest is to serve Career and Technical Education directors and administrators and we believe that WACTA enables each member to achieve the professional expertise and knowledge to
    • Shape visionary, proactive leadership through a supportive networking and mentoring process 
    •  Experience professional growth that continuously improves CTE administrative skills 
    • Understand why and how to advance CTE in the context of broad educational issues 
    • Support and advocate for Career and Technical Education 
'Career and Technical Education is for EVERY student' 
  • Fosters a passion for their future 
  • Opens high-quality opportunities to career, community, and leadership experiences 
  • Develops an employable, technically skilled workforce 
  • Offers rigorous, applied learning in a relevant context 
Based on our beliefs, we and our CTE Partners commit to: 
  • Increase equitable access to quality career and technical education for every student 
  • Career and technical education is an essential part of basic education and increases graduation rates 
  •  Career and technical education improves the state’s economy by closing the skills gap
  • Fund and support quality career and technical education programs 
In the News: 
Congratulations 2016 Phyllis Lawson Scholarship Winners! 
Each year, WACTA awards four - five $1,000 scholarships to graduating Washington State high school seniors that distinguish themselves in the field of career and technical education during high school. 
This year's winners are: 
Nick Ayers, Columbia River HS
Yesica Ayala, Chelan HS (Video)
Ryan Newman, Evergreen HS- Vancouver
Alissa Capuano, Olympic HS (Video)
Trevor May, YV Tech 

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